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Ammolite Shell Fossil Pendant Necklace

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Though it is now also classified officially as a gemstone, Ammolite is in fact actually a fossilised shell of the now-extinct ancient Ammonite Mollusc which was found in the ocean around the same time that dinosaurs roamed the earth. Excavated today from marine rocks and rocky mountain ranges, the fossil Ammolite is an opalised version of the ancient shell, meaning that over time minerals have filled the sedimentary rocks in which the shells are found – a process known for replacing organic materials in fossils.

The Ammolite fossil is believed by some to be very healing in nature and its spiral shape is thought to symbolise continuous change and evolution.

Our Ammolite pendants have a silver-tone rim around the shell and hang on a long necklace, made by hand in our Cape Town workshop. Please note each and every Ammolite fossil is a unique and natural formation, so while the general size and shape of the pendant will in essence remain the same, every shell pendant will naturally vary slightly in appearance and size.



Necklace and Ammolite shell rimming: Silver-tone plated brass and bronze alloy metals.

Pendant: Natural Ammolite/Ammonite fossil


Pendant: Approximately 2.5-4cm x 3-4cm 

Chain: Approximately 70cm 


Necklace: Silver tone

Pendant: natural brown and golden amber shades


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