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The Sleep Well Pamper Kit

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The perfect gift set for those who struggle to sleep peacefully. This Sleep Well pamper kit comes prettily packaged and aims to encourage a restful and calming bliss.

Our bath bombs are hand made using the highest quality ingredients, all natural and infused with botanicals, essential oils and coconut oil - a great combination for nourishing your skin. The bath salts make for a great relaxing muscle soak and are also infused with an essential oil blend and botanicals. The set also includes a weighted aromatherapy eye pillow, filled with rice and infused with essential oils, perfect in assisting you to relax and meditate, ease migraines and decongest sinuses as well as rejuvenate the eye area, among many other things. The sleep balm is both moisturising as well as being enriched with lavender and chamomile - essential oils and botanicals that are known well for encouraging sleep and calmness.



♥ 100% natural hand-made bath salts infused with essential oils, mix of Himalayan, Epsom and sea salts as well as rose petals and lavender flowers

♥ Two 100% natural hand-crafted bath bombs, infused with essential oils & coconut oil

Invest In Rest sleep balm


♥ Aromatherapy rice-filled eye pillow. These little rice bags are wonderful to help you relax and fall asleep as well as ease migraines, among other things. Benefits of the eye pillow include:

  • A slightly heated pillow (30 seconds in the microwave) helps relieve sinus pain and pressure and relieve migraines. Essential oil combinations help to promote relaxation & decongest.
  • A refrigerated eye pillow cools the eyes further, helping to rejuvenate the eye area.
  • Eye pillows help shield the eyes from light and visual stimulus, making them perfect for relaxing, meditating, yoga and as a sleep aid.
  • Click here to find out more in-depth information on our eye pillows


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