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Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

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These little rice eye pillow bags are infused with essential oils and are wonderful to help you relax and meditate, ease migraines and decongest sinuses as well as rejuvenate the eye area, among many other things.


  • A slightly heated pillow (30 seconds in the microwave) helps relieve sinus pain and pressure and relieve migraines. Essential oil combinations help to promote relaxation & decongest. 
  • A refrigerated eye pillow cools the eyes, helping to rejuvenate and tighten the eye area.
  • Eye pillows help shield the eyes from light and visual stimulus, making them perfect for relaxing, meditating, yoga and as a sleep aid.
  • Research different essential oils and drop onto pillow to experience the healing benefits.

Your eye pillow will come with a mixed infusion of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, however you can drop your own favourite essential oils onto the fabric of the pillow to get the specific aromatherapy benefits best suited to you.

Click here to find out more information and uses of our aromatherapy eye pillows

To wash your eye pillows, simply hand wash with a damp cloth and small amount of detergent. Be careful not to saturate the inner rice filling with water. Another option to keep you eye pillow clean is to place a tissue over your closed eyes, with the eye pillow on top of that.

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